Tips for Artists Staying at Home

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3 min readMar 15, 2020


In light of the recent and unfortunate global events caused by COVID-19, the travel and events industries have temporarily suspended all activities to comply with government regulations.

We at Soul Artists understand that this is a tough time for all artists around the world who perform for a living, however, we also believe that despite all the canceled events, postponed gigs, and travel bans, an artist can still make the best of the time that has been freed up.

Update and polish your online profile

Grow your art and improve your skills

Time is the most valuable of all resources, it can be used to create, improve, learn, and care for things that have been neglected due to busy schedules.

Take this time to keep practicing and perfecting your skills for your next performance, create new shows and experiences that will take your artistic career to the next level, and most of all, care for your loved ones and family.

Submitting your reviews and testimonies

Reviews and feedback provide proof to potential clients that you are a trustworthy and professional artist who has satisfied the briefs of previous clients to a high standard.

Populating your artist profile with reviews is easy, just hit the (Submit Review) button below to send us an email with your verified reviews from clients, once we go over the reviews internally we will add them to your profile and give it a 5-Star rating.

Artist profiles that have reviews generally get booked a lot more.

Submit Reviews and Testimonies

Adding your rates and pricing will get you more bookings

We at Soul Artists understand that putting a universal price on performing arts and shows is not an easy task since every show is different in terms of logistics, timings and special circumstances.

However, we advise creating at least one basic package that will allow clients to get an idea of what budget range they should be in to approach you for an inquiry. This simple process saves the client a lot of time when making a decision, while also filtering out any under budget or unwanted requests for the performer.

Artist profiles with price packages get 80% more inquiries than those who don’t.

You can check out our Guide to Soul Artists Packages for more details.

Add Price Packages

What does it mean to become a featured artist?

Getting your profile featured on Soul Artists increases exposure, outreach, and chances of getting acts booked through the platform.

With Featured Packages, you can boost your profile page to the top of the selection list to increase your visibility and chance of getting booked.

Here is how it looks:

Featured Profile:

Non Featured Profile

Get Featured

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