The Future of Talent Booking

Live performances have provided entertainment and escapism since civilisation developed. But, like every industry, the Performing Arts have struggled throughout 2020.

Pessimists have deplored the end of an era, but others have been quick to embrace the technological tools available and turn the situation to their advantage.

In a year that witnessed nearly every industry rapidly adopt and embrace high-tech advancements in order to survive, the Performing Arts is no exception.

Booking talent itself has evolved as those Events Planners and Venue Managers eyeing the ‘new normal’ future still need to plan events for when their venues re-open.

Online Artist Bookings Are Here to Stay

Just as retail consumer behaviour has changed in light of COVID-19, booking artist online looks as though it is here to stay. Although online artist bookings are a new trend in the industry, it is not a fad. This will remain a standard and reliable way to book artists indefinitely.

Not only that, the ability to create your own gigs that allows artists to bid on is empowering to both client and artist.

If creating a gig and waiting for the artists to apply is not what you want, the unique search functions allow you to search by artist name, art type, price and so on. All the information about the artist is available in their digital press kit, elwhich they manage! So instead of having a myriad of files flying around everything is one place that can be revisited.

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The time has come to embrace the future of booking talent. Whether a performer or client, is the tool to propel you forward so that you can do what you love…providing a stellar performance for the audience!

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