Soul Artists Raises $350k Investment to Catalogue Artists of the Arab World

Soul Artists
3 min readFeb 28, 2021


Dubai, UAE, March 1, 2021 Soul Artists, the UAE based talent booking platform for artists and managers, has received $350k to catalogue artists from the Arab World.

Soul Artists, a safe and secure platform set up by artists and event managers to discover and book entertainers and musicians, are set to expand to Saudi Arabia whilst the Kingdom continues promoting entertainment opportunities as part of its ‘Saudi Vision 2030’ strategy.

The $350,000 investment received by Soul Artists will enable them to catalogue a wide range of musicians and entertainers from across the Arab states, and further develop the technology to help scale the service. These artists will then have opportunities to promote themselves, via the Soul Artists app and web resources, throughout Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

Despite the trials of 2020, KSA’s General Entertainment Authority (GEA) remains focused on its goal to expand and support the nation’s entertainment sector. As an exciting and young entertainment market emerges in Saudi Arabia, Soul Artists remains committed to empowering entertainment professionals in achieving the success they deserve.

Soul Artists Ethos

The ethos of Soul Artists has not wavered since its inception; a safe, transparent and reliable platform for all entertainment artists and managers.

Using tools available on Soul Artists, entertainment professionals can promote themselves through the Featured Artist page, receive free exposure, have easy to access portfolios, and payment protection. Additionally, it is free to create a profile, digital payments are prompt, and Soul Artists provides increased exposure and a dedicated talent management to each entertainer.

With a Customer Support Team always on-hand for inquiries or questions, this innovative peer to peer platform is faithful to providing peace of mind and transparency in the talent booking process for both artists and event creators staying true to their vision of empowering artists around the globe.

Impact of COVID

It is possible to argue that the Entertainment industry has been the hardest hit by the COVID pandemic. Strict social distancing and lockdown measures implemented worldwide saw venues close, festivals cancelled, and events indefinitely postponed.

Performing artists have struggled to earn anything from their craft, with some retraining and working in completely different industries in order to survive as many governments failed to provide relief to those working in the Arts.

Throughout 2020, Soul Artists continued to provide advice, develop tools, and improve systems so that they could help and support performers. Soul Artists persisted in promoting their entertainment professionals during the tough times, without compromising on quality or asking for additional remuneration.

With events such as Oasis Riyadh currently running, the investment funding that Soul Artists have received is welcome news for artists and event managers alike.

As Soul Artists continue to redefine the way that talent is booked in the 21st century, opportunities that will open up as a result of the cataloguing of Arab World performers will only see this platform go from strength to strength.

About Soul Artists

Soul Artists is a secure tool for entertainment professionals to establish their presence and receive booking inquiries in real-time.

For more information, you can visit or download the app.