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Soul Artists
3 min readFeb 7, 2022


As a platform dedicated to providing the best experience for artists and event creators, it should come as no surprise to learn that the talent management company Soul Artists have once again been busy in the Innovation Lab.

A secure messaging system has been developed that not only aids the booking process for artists and event creators, but also ensures a safe, documented exchange between the two. This is all part of the platform itself and not a separate App.

  • Provides instant and direct communication between artists and event creators once a quote has been sent
  • Keeps a record of the conversation for clarity and reference
  • Ensures a safe and secure environment for artists and clients
  • Allows for agency intervention in the unlikely case of anything going wrong with the booking
  • Payment security through escrow for both artists and clients
  • Booking tools with the ability to edit and change quotes on the fly

Messaging for Artists

To help you organise and coordinate a booking or inquiry with a client, the messaging system will initiate once you have sent a quote to the event creator.

The direct messaging will allow for faster bookings, meaning you can diarise and update your availability immediately. Knowing where you are and what to expect all the time.

Incidentally, there is no need to worry about being tied to a quotation, you can edit and re-submit a quotation if the event requirements alter upon discussion.

To guide you, we have described the process of How to Message a Client and created a handy video for you to follow.

Messaging for Clients

Once you have chosen an artist for your event, it is easy to approach them for their availability. Once they have responded to the event you set up with a quote, you can message the artist to liaise on the finer details.

The direct messaging is an effective record of details relevant to the booking, with automated messages produced as you raise your event and initiate contact with an artist.

The secure payment facility keeps all monies safe in escrow until a mutual agreement for release is met. In any instance of a disagreement, Soul Artists will intervene and assist in resolving the issue.

Who are Soul Artists?

Soul Artists is a UAE based talent management platform established for artists and managers, by artists and managers, to provide an efficient and protected talent booking service. The Soul Artists team comprehend the trials and tribulations that can be faced by both parties when organising events.

By prioritising the accuracy and speed of sourcing talent, whilst simultaneously providing a reliable and safe reservation zone, Soul Artists have reinvented how online artist bookings works.

Soul Artists are committed to providing an accessible system that is easy to use and trustworthy. They are constantly assessing and redefining the booking experience for all users.

As events and activities resume, Soul Artists will ensure that professional artists and event creators can coordinate fantastic events in a safe, accurate and fast way.

Getting Started With Soul Artists

Whether you are sourcing talent for your hotel, restaurant, entertainment venue or pub, you can save time, money and hassle by ditching the traditional way of booking performers in favour of

Download Soul Artists on iOS and Android for the best experience:

*Messenger feature for the app is currently under development and will be released soon.

You can always reach out to us directly on or visit the help centre for more information.