A Dream of Empowering Artists

How platforms are changing the event and talent industry

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5 min readAug 15, 2019


Building Technology with Love & Care

Technology has always been one of the most prominent factors when disrupting markets, and bring change to lifestyles, work, and play, its goal has always been to simply the complex, and free people from mundane tasks, and repetitive logistics.

Designing an artist platform from the ground up has given us a deep outlook on the way talent bookings had been done for decades, a necessary perspective that has allowed us re-imagined how it can be done today.

Building a platform for artists had to be designed by artists, putting the utmost care into creating a seamless experience that empowers performers, saves them time, and lets them focus on what they love and do best.

Your Electronic Press-kit Reimagined

Over the years we noticed the amount of time artists take to send their material to clients, using pdfs, photos, videos, links, music files, pricing tables, and then emailing each other back and forth in a process that sometimes takes weeks to conclude.

With Soul Artists we wanted to cut that time to a fraction of what it used to be. Creating a single Soul Artists link that functions as your personal Press-kit in which each artist has total control to edit and customize their presence however they see fit, along with the technology to get inquiries and bookings, all in one ad-free environment.

Getting Gigs on the Fly

Accommodating thousands of artists with gigs is a difficult task, this is why we decided to develop our own unique gig management system that allows clients to share their talent requirements, then have that request intelligently analyzed and go out directly to all artists that are appropriate for the event, this allows artists to accept or decline any offers they get with just a single tap.

Late Payments, what's that?

Being in the entertainment industry for many years as both artists and managers we know it sucks to get paid out days, weeks, or months after a performance, that's why we decided that all Soul Artists bookings are paid out just one day after the event. no exceptions!

(does not apply to residency contracts)

Giving Your Clients Online Payment Options

To empower artists everywhere is to reward them for their talent, that's why we had to create tools that allow artists to bill their clients for their service instantly and online either before the gig to confirm the booking, or after the gig for the convenience of credit card payments and lightning fast money transfers.

(All online payments are released to the artist on the next working day)

15% - The Magic Number

There was much debate when we asked ourselves how much should an agency make on an artist booking, so we decided to make it the lowest in the industry since our technology mostly automates everything in order to save time and resources for both artists and clients.

Soul Artists takes a 15% commission (from the client) on each booking no matter how big or small, so you always get paid out what you ask for with no hidden fees whatsoever or any funny business.

Your Talent Agent - No Strings Attached

At Soul Artists we wanted to create an honest and dependable haven for talent to rely on and trust, our representation services are 100% free of cost, and we will gladly handle any booking calls or requests artists hand over to us, ensuring deals are closed in a fair way and payments are made swiftly and on-time.

Built for Professionals

When making Soul Artists, we insisted it had to be a curated platform for professionals only, this is why each and every artist application is carefully reviewed and checked manually before allowing any artist to go live on the platform, we approve less than 1% of the applications we get, ensuring that both the artist and the client enjoy the highest quality experience possible with their gigs and events.

The Future is Digital

We at Soul Artists recognize the importance and impact of digital presence in an artist's career, that's why we insisted on creating a dedicated artist search engine that allows talent to be found using their name, art type, specialty, genre, and price ranges, allowing anyone to pin-point and reach the most relevant artist in seconds. Artists also get increased Google Search (SEO) visibility for free.

Security is Peace of Mind

One thing we really wanted to decrease was the amount of cancellations that happen at the last minute, leaving artists jobless on weekends, holidays, and other events, that's why when choosing Soul Artists for your bookings, your client's money is secured in an escrow fashion until the job is done, and in case of any cancellations 50% of the amount will still be paid out to the artist, softening the blow greatly.

Booking Talent with a Tap

Downloading the Soul Artists app on your device provides a beautiful and minimalistic experience when managing your bookings and discovering new artists to book in case you need to fill-in for a missing band member, or need additional talent for your act. Having a live talent agency in your pocket with you wherever you go is a sort of empowerment in itself.

Free for Life

Soul Artists is completely free to use for everyone and always will be.

If you're a performer you will find that Soul Artists is a haven for professional talent, providing free exposure, online presence, beautiful digital press kits, and online booking tools for no cost whatsoever. Register your talent today by following this link.

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