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UAE based talent management company (Soul Artists) has been hard at work developing new and improved tools & technology for artists and event creators despite challenges the pandemic brought to the live entertainment industry.

With a reinvented approach on how the current booking system works, the experience now makes everything easier, faster, and more accurate than ever for event creators to find the right artist for their event.

What the new booking system does

  • A faster and more accurate way to check the availability of artists.
  • Ability to book artists for multiple days or residencies that span months.
  • Get instant quotes from artists based on your…

May 17, 2021 saw the start of Dubai’s trial period of re-opening entertainment venues, as long as all staff are vaccinated against CoVID-19. As ever, Soul Artists remained dedicated to supporting our performance artists and clients and by introducing an industry-first CoVID-19 vaccination badge for performers on the platform to help artists get identified as vaccinated and ready to work, while ensuring users get safe and legal live performances.

What Are The Provisions of the Re-Opening Trial?

Under the extendable trial, authorised by Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management, various entertainment venues and events can operate if participants, guests and staff are fully vaccinated against the…

At Soul Artists innovation lab we’ve been working hard to bring artists a new profile management experience rebuilt from the ground up with more tools and freedom for artists when creating their online press-kit.

Dubai, UAE, March 1, 2021 Soul Artists, the UAE based talent booking platform for artists and managers, has received $350k to catalogue artists from the Arab World.

Soul Artists, a safe and secure platform set up by artists and event managers to discover and book entertainers and musicians, are set to expand to Saudi Arabia whilst the Kingdom continues promoting entertainment opportunities as part of its ‘Saudi Vision 2030’ strategy.

The $350,000 investment received by Soul Artists will enable them to catalogue a wide range of musicians and entertainers from across the Arab states, and further develop the technology to…

Live performances have provided entertainment and escapism since civilisation developed. But, like every industry, the Performing Arts have struggled throughout 2020.

Pessimists have deplored the end of an era, but others have been quick to embrace the technological tools available and turn the situation to their advantage.

In a year that witnessed nearly every industry rapidly adopt and embrace high-tech advancements in order to survive, the Performing Arts is no exception.

Booking talent itself has evolved as those Events Planners and Venue Managers eyeing the ‘new normal’ future still need to plan events for when their venues re-open.

Online Artist…

In recognition that the entertainment industry and artists as a whole have taken a huge hit due to the current global outbreak.

We at Soul Artists are always thinking of new ways for artists to generate income and help mitigate the high number of cancellations everyone has faced while also providing relief and support for COVID-19 patients around the world.

Get booked for online workshops and tutoring

Passing on knowledge is one of the greatest things humans can do, and we believe that passing on an art form is something that will last someone a lifetime.

Creating your first online class with Soul Artists is easy, all…

In light of the recent and unfortunate global events caused by COVID-19, the travel and events industries have temporarily suspended all activities to comply with government regulations.

We at Soul Artists understand that this is a tough time for all artists around the world who perform for a living, however, we also believe that despite all the canceled events, postponed gigs, and travel bans, an artist can still make the best of the time that has been freed up.

Update and polish your online profile

Grow your art and improve your skills

Time is the most valuable of all resources, it can be used to create, improve, learn, and care for things that…

How platforms are changing the event and talent industry

Building Technology with Love & Care

Technology has always been one of the most prominent factors when disrupting markets, and bring change to lifestyles, work, and play, its goal has always been to simply the complex, and free people from mundane tasks, and repetitive logistics.

Designing an artist platform from the ground up has given us a deep outlook on the way talent bookings had been done for decades, a necessary perspective that has allowed us re-imagined how it can be done today.

Building a platform for artists had to be designed by artists, putting the utmost care into creating a seamless experience that empowers performers…

How Booking Talent Happens in the Industry

Source: Dribble

Since the dawn of time, booking talent has always been done in the following way with no improvements or evolution in the industry until this day.

  • Clients find the artist they are interested in.
  • Clients send a message or email to the artist with their booking details.
  • Artist replies with their availability.
  • Price is negotiated back and forth.
  • Payment terms are negotiated back and forth.
  • If no agreement is made, the process is repeated.

The process of discovering and booking the right artist for an event can take days at best, even weeks in many cases.

Image Source: Dribble

Year of the Pig

The Pig is the twelfth of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. The Pig was late because he overslept. Another story says that a wolf destroyed his house. He had to rebuild his home before he could set off. When he arrived, he was the last one and could only take twelfth place.

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